DoveConviene collects some personal information from its users.

Data Owner

DoveConviene S.r.l. - Strada Statale 131 KM10500 - 09028 Sestu (CA),

Type of information collected

The personal information collected by DoveConviene, directly or through a third party, includes: Cookies and information about navigation and use.

Other personal information collected might be indicated in other sections of this privacy policy or through informative texts displayed in the context of the data collection itself.
The personal information may be inserted voluntarily by the user, or collected automatically during use of DoveConviene.
Any use of Cookies - or other tracking tools - by DoveConviene or other owners of third-party services used by DoveConviene, where not otherwise specified, has the objective of identifying the user and recording the respective preferences for a purpose strictly linked to the supplying of the service requested by the user.
The user's failure to provide some personal information could prevent DoveConviene from being able to supply its services.

The user assumes responsability for third-party personal information published or shared through DoveConviene and guarantees that he or she possesses the right to transmit this information, releasing the owner from any responsibility toward third parties.

Use and location of collected data


The owner uses the personal information of its users implementing the appropriate security measures meant to impede unauthorized access, disclosure, changing or destruction of the personal information.
Access to the information will be made available to the data manager, where named, as well as the employees involved. Furthermore, access to this information may be provided to subjects besides the owner, such as third-party technical service providers, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies and communications agencies. An updated list of data managers and other appointed individuals can always be requested from the data owner.


The information is used at the office of the data owner, except for when otherwise specified in other parts of the document.

Time period

The information is used for necessary amount of time to carry out the service requested by the user, or required by the objectives outlined in this document, and the user can always ask to suspend or cancel the use of his or her personal information.

Purpose of Data Collection

Information about users is collected in order to allow the application to provide its services, as well as for the following purposes: Statistics, Interaction with social networks and external platforms, Access to third-party service accounts, Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting and Advertisement.

The type of personal information used for each purpose is indicated in the specific section of this document.

Facebook permissions requested by DoveConviene

DoveConviene may request certain Facebook permissions that allow it to carry out action with the user's Facebook account and collect information from it, including personal information.

For further information on the following permissions, refer to documentation on Facebook permissions and Facebook Privacy Policy.

The following permissions are requested:

Basic information

Basic information about registered users on Facebook that normally include the following: ID, name, image, gender and language of localization and, in some cases, Facebook “Friends”. If the users has made other information publicly available, these, too, will be available.

City of origin

Proivdes access to the user's city of origin.


Provides access to the user's primary email address

Publication on Wall

Allows this app to publish content, comments and “Like” on the user's wall and that of his or her friends.

Details about use of personal information

Personal information is collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

  • Access to third-party service accounts

    These services allow DoveConviene to extract information about third-party services from your account and carry out action with it.
    These services are not automatically activated, but they require the express authorization of the user.

    Access to Facebook account (DoveConviene)

    This service allows DoveConviene to connect to the user's account on the social network Facebook, provided by Facebook Inc.

    Requested permissions: City of origin, Email and Publication on Wall.

    Location of use: USA – Privacy Policy

  • Interaction with social networks and external platforms

    These services allow for the interaction with social networks or with other external platforms directly from the pages of the application. The interaction and the information obtained by this application are subject to the privacy settings of the user with regards to each social network.
    In the event in which a service is installed which interacts with social networks, it is possibile that even if users don't use the service, it may collect information about traffic related to the pages in which it is installed.

    Facebook Like button and social widgets (Facebook)

    The “Like” button and social widgets on Facebook are services that interact with the social network Facebook, provided by Facebook Inc.

    Personal information collected: Cookies and navigation information and use.

    Location of use: USA – Privacy Policy

    Twitter Tweet button and social widgets (Twitter)

    The Tweet button and social widgets on Twitter are services that interact with the social network Twitter, provided by Twitter Inc.

    Personal information collected: Cookies and navigation information and use.

    Location of use: USA – Privacy Policy

  • Advertisement

    These services allow for the use of user information for the purpose of commercial communication in different forms of advertising, such as banners, also related to user interest.
    This does not mean that all personal information is used for this purpose. Information and conditions of use are indicated below.
    Some of the following services may use Cookies to identify the user or use behavioral retargeting, or the displaying of advertisements that are personalized based on user behavior, at times detected outside of DoveConviene. For further information, we suggest that you refer to the Privacy Policy of each specific service.

    Google AdSense (Google)

    Google AdSense is an advertising service provided by Google Inc. This service uses the “Doubleclick” Cookie, which tracks the use of @{replacement missing: it.privacy_policy_page.interpolation.this_applicationp} and user behavior related to advertisements, products and services offered.
    The user can decide at any time not to use the Doubleclick Cookie by deactivating it:

    Personal information collected: Cookies and information regarding use.

    Location of use: USA – Privacy Policy

  • Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting

    These services allow DoveConviene and its partners to transmit, optimize and deliver advertisements based on past use of DoveConviene by the user.
    This activity is carried out through the tracking of information about use and the use of Cookies, information that is transfered to partners to whom the activity of remarketing and behavioral targeting is connected.

    AdWords Remarketing (Google)

    AdWords Remarketing is a Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting service provided by Google Inc. which connects the activity of DoveConviene with the Adwords advertising network and the Doubleclick Cookie.
    To opt out:

    Personal information collected: Cookies and information regarding use.

    Location of use: USA – Privacy Policy

  • Statistics

    The services contained in this section allow the data owner to monitor and analyze taffic data and keep track of user behavior.

    Google Analytics (Google)

    Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses personal information collected for the purpose of tracking and analyzing the use of DoveConviene, compiling reports and sharing them with other services developed by Google.
    Google may use personal information to contextualize and personalize the advertisements of its own network.
    To opt out:

    Personal information collected: Cookies and information regarding use.

    Location of use: USA – Privacy Policy

    Statistics collected directly (DoveConviene)

    DoveConviene uses and internal statistics system that does not involve third parties.

    Personal information collected: Cookies and information regarding use.

Further details about personal information

  • Shopping @lert

    The Shopping @lert service allows users to receive alerts about current promotions in a specific area related to a preferred category of merchandise.
    The promotions are transmitted to the user based on his or her previously expressed preferences at the time of registration or at a subsequent time. The user may be contacted via email, if provided at the time of registration for the service of promotion alerts or via push alerts, if the user has installed the Shopfully app for mobile devices. The user can modify the method by which this information is sent or cancel the Shopping @alert service at any time.

  • Third-party marketing offers

    DoveConviene may send users email containing third-party marketing offers, subject to consent during registration for the Shopping @lert service. This preference can be modified at any time through Shopping @lert preferences.

About Cookies

  • Cookie basics

    These cookies are required by the application in order for it to function and are used to save sessions and remember preferences.

    PHPSESSID, dc*, SERVERID, zmags*

    Used to save user sessions and keep the user logged in, as well as to remember his or her preferences.

  • Cookies for statistics

    These cookies are required in order for the statistics services to function as described in the relevant section.

    _ut*, _ga

    Google Analytics Cookies.

Further information about the use of information

Trial defense

The personal information of users may be used by the data owner as part of the defense or during the preparatory phases of a trail, ranging from the abuse of its use or connected services by the user.

Specific conditions

In addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, DoveConviene may provide the user with contextual conditions regarding specific services or the collection and use of personal information.

System logs and maintenance

As required for proper functioning and maintenance, DoveConviene and any third-party services it uses may collect system logs, or files that record interactions and that may contain personal information, such as the user's IP address.

Information not contained in this policy

Additional information related to the use of personal information may be requested from the data owner at any time using the contact information.

User rights

The individuals whose personal information is referred to have the right to request confirmation at any time as to whether their information is present or not at the location where the data is owned, to know its contents and origin, to verify its correctness or ask for its completion, removal, updating, la rettifica, anonimous amendment or blocking of personal information used in a way that violates the law, as well as object to its use for legitimate reasons. Such requests should be addressed to the data owner.

Modifications to privacy policy

The data owner reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time, publicizing it to users on this page. Users are asked to consult this page often, refering to the date of the most recent revision indicated at the bottom of the page. In the event that the user does not wish to accept the changes made to the current privacy policy, he or she is obligated to cease use of DoveConviene and may request that the data owner remove his or her personal information. Except when otherwise specified, the former privacy policy will continue to apply to personal information until the moment that it is collected.

Information about this privacy policy

The data owner is responsible for this privacy policy, drafted from the completion of forms made available by Iubenda and saved on its server.

Legal definitions and references

Personal information (or data)

Personal information is any information related to a natural person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, through reference to other information, including a personal identification number.

Information about use

Personal information collected automatically by the application (or by third-party applications it uses) including: IP addresses or domain names of computers of computers that the user uses to connect to the application, Uniform Resource Identifier addresses, time of request, server request method, received file size, numeric code indicating the state of server response, country of origin, characteristics of browser and operating system used by the visitor, various time references related to the visit (for example, amount of time spent on each page), details related to actions carried out while inside application, especially with reference to the order of pages consulted, and parameters related to the operating system and computer of the user.


The individual that uses DoveConviene, which must correspond to the interested party or be authorized by him or her and whose personal information is subject to use.

Interested party

The natural person or legal entity to whom the personal information refers.

Data manager (or manager)

The natural person, legal entity, public administration and any other entity or association appointed by the data owner, according to compatibility with the privacy policy.

Data owner (or owner)

The natural person, legal entity, public administration and any other entity or association, alone or together with other owners, responsible for decisions with regard to the objectives, methods of use of personal information and tools used, including security profile, with respect to the operation and use of DoveConviene. The data owner, except when otherwise stated, is the proprietor of DoveConviene.


The hardware or software through which the personal information of users is collected.


The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions may be translated into other languages for your convenience. Nevertheless, the Italian version governs your relationship with DoveConviene, and any inconsistencies among the different versions will be resolved in favor of the Italian version.

Legal references

Avviso agli Utenti europei: la presente informativa privacy è redatta in adempimento degli obblighi previsti dall’Art. 10 della Direttiva n. 95/46/CE, nonché a quanto previsto dalla Direttiva 2002/58/CE, come aggiornata dalla Direttiva 2009/136/CE, in materia di Cookie.

This privacy policy only pertains to DoveConviene.